NYC Statue of Liberty Original Painting


NYC Statue of Liberty Original Painting

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Statue of Liberty


One of the by products to riding the Staten Island Ferry almost daily, was passing right by the Statue of Liberty. I remember going to the Statue of Liberty as a child as part of a class trip. But like most New Yorkers, that was about it. And here I was passing by the Statue every day, twice a day as a young adult. 

Something unfortunate happens with familiarity though. I stopped seeing the Statue of Liberty. It became background scenery. It lost it's symbolism. And we'd make fun of all the tourists who frequented the ferry, posing for photos with Lady Liberty in the background. I'm not proud of that. But it became a warning to me to be on guard to not let something loose it's importance just because it was familiar. 

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About the NYC Pop Art series

NYC is a unique place. It’s been a place of school, work and play over the years that I have lived just outside this city. At times there have been equal parts intrigue and frustration. I have a host of memories spanning the mundane of walking city blocks to get to a job, circling for lengthy time periods on unfortunate occasions looking for parking, and magical moments of taking in the Christmas festivities of Rockefeller Center. 

Aside from the lights and action of Times Square, the city has a pretty drab color palette. Grey, brown, black, tan… it often does not match the energy the city actually gives off. So I decided to create a Pop Art series of NYC scenes (mostly taken from snapshots over the years) that would depict the city opposite of what you would actually see visually. I replaced the muted colors for a much more vibrant ones. I created buildings and architecture in loose lines as opposed to the precise, exacting lines that actually exist. It’s an alternate reality NYC captured with mood and energy.