Photo Credit: Jay Loden

Artist Bio:

Mike Brennan is a New Jersey based, multifaceted visual artist and author / illustrator of the book "Dear Snow: One Man's Angry Rant Against Winter".

Whether it’s pet portraits, graphic design, pop culture art or original paintings, Mike Brennan creates art that connects with the heart around shared experiences. His works includes media such as digital art, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media.


Mike’s artistic journey began as a boy in New York, where he would construct heartwarming greeting cards for family and friends. Even an early age, he understood the importance of serving others through his art and bringing them value.


Mike believes that art should benefit and enrich people’s lives via subject matter or bringing beauty of a unique perspective. His philosophy is that Art is a gift, to be given and to be shared. His style is loose and organic, communicating a sense of experimentation, play and fun. His color palette is often vibrant and saturated, influenced by works in the Pop Art and Post-Impressionist movement. He explores line, texture and color in his work.


After a ten year absence, Mike returned to his art in what can be considered a creative comeback. He embarked upon a new creative journey of a 365 consecutive daily painting / drawing habit that continues to this day (at the time of this writing 5 and a half consecutive years without missing a day.) It was through this process that Mike discovered his voice and style.


He not only seeks to use his art to bring joy and build bridges, but he also looks to be a voice encouraging those struggling in their own creativity. At the center of it all is a desire to create engaging visuals and ideas that bring value to people, and glory to his Creator.


Mike’s work has also caught the attention of several actors including Jason Lee, Jaimie Alexander, Angela Kinsey, Emily Kinney, Steven Yeun, Scott Wilson, and more. His “Fear the Walking Dead” art was also featured on AMC’s Talking Dead with host Chris Hardwick.