What are some options?

1. Digital

What can you do with the digital art?
Leave it in digital format or order physical prints.    


2. Watercolor / Mixed Media on Paper


3. Acrylic / Mixed Media on Canvas


Here’s a few other things to know:

  • A clear, high quality photo of your pet needs to be provided.  
    The art will be based on this photo provided. 
  •  Please allow an estimated 2-3 weeks for Digital Art, and up to
    4 weeks for Paper & Canvas. Need it Faster?
    Contact for Rush charges. 
  • 50% of the full amount is due to begin, with the remaining balance upon completion. 
  • Interested in a size or option not listed here? Contact me. 
  • Can Mike do portraits of animals besides dogs and cats? 
    Absolutely, contact us and let’s talk about your needs! 
  • Please understand that you are asking for a portrait in Mike's style. He do not do photo realistic renditions.  See examples of the pieces on this page.
 Acrylic on Canvas

Acrylic on Canvas

Why Pet Portraits?

If you had told Mike when he was a kid that he would be capturing people's beloved family member pets using his art, he would have a laughed.

When Mike was around seven years old, a neighborhood child encouraged him to pet a dog that was loose on the street. She was under the impression that this dog belonged to a fellow neighbor. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a stray, who chomped down his teeth on Mike's little hand. He still have the scars. So, needless to say, he became very afraid of dogs.

Thankfully, years later Mike's family adopted a scrappy little Border Collie mixed breed, named Barney. And his fear quickly faded away. In it's place grew a love for "mans best friend". Today, Mike has two dogs of his own, Biscuit (a Golden mix) and Cooper (a Chihuahua mix).  They are forever by his side.

See, Mike understands the love we share for animals. They become part of our family. That's why it's been Mike's privilege to capture these family members in pet portraits for the families who want to immortalize them forever. Sometimes, we experience the pain of knowing our beloved pet is aging or is undergoing a sickness. Other times, we just want to celebrate our pet and honor them. That's why Mike's the right artist for you. He gets it. All. He's a pet lover just like you!

Contact Mike today, commissioning him to do a pet portrait for your beloved pet! There are a few options listed on the left. Feel free to use the form to send other questions you may have. It's a personal process. Let's start the conversation today! 

 Digital Pet Portrait

Digital Pet Portrait

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