What if there was a way to capture that closeness of the special relationship with our pet?

A way to memorialize how important they are in our lives?

You're in luck! That’s exactly what you get with my custom pet portraits!

Pets create powerful memories in our lives.

Your pet doesn’t care if you have a bad day, have a cold, or can’t seem to remember where you left your keys… They just want spend time with you. They want to go on a walk with you. Or hang out with you on the couch. Your pet helps you slow down and savor moments. They offer you their unconditional love. And as they nuzzle their little heads into your lap, are just looking for some love back.

We all have a special connection with our pets. They help create unforgettable moments in our lives that we can recall in an instant.




You’re in for a TREAT when you trust me to create your custom Pet Portrait!

I'm Mike Brennan. I became a dog-lover as a kid when my family adopted a scrappy little Border Collie mixed breed, named Barney. I quickly understood a love for "man's best friend". Today, I have two rescue dogs of my own, Biscuit (a Golden mix) and Cooper (a Chihuahua mix). They are forever by my side.

See, I understand the love we share for animals. They become part of our family. That's why it's been my privilege to capture these family members in pet portraits for the families who want to remember and celebrate them forever.

Sometimes, we experience the pain of knowing our beloved pet is aging or is ill. Other times, we just want to celebrate our pet and honor them. I get it. All. I'm a pet lover just like you and bring all that fun, love and energy to my paintings and the personal process!


“It. Is. So. Beautiful. I just love it. I have to tell you: I have cried almost every day since losing Crawford last June ... until the day Mike sent me the first proof. Seeing that, and knowing that I was going to have such a wonderful memorial to our special kitty hanging prominently in my home, has been unexpectedly healing for my heart. 

Thank you Mike, for sharing your talents. Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for the insanely quick production and delivery!”

— Ronda

“Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE pictures of my 13 year old Shih Tzu Cookie! I am absolutely thrilled with the finished portrait Mike created and I can’t wait to frame it and hang in my living room! I will treasure it always.

It was a pleasure dealing with Mike and I highly recommend him as a complete pro who really cares about every detail!!”

— Roseann

“Mike captured the personality of our spunky little Lily perfectly. The whole family is in love with our new pet portrait that proudly hangs in our living room! We highly recommend Mike to create your custom pet portrait. Don't trust just anyone with this investment – art that will help you celebrate your pet for a long time to come! Mike's professionalism and love for pets shines through."

— Tim



The process easy. 3 simple steps:

1. Choose your size package.

2. Select your color and cropping choices.

3. Reply to your order confirmation with your photo reference.



 Whether it’s for you or a special gift for the pet lover in your life, this one-of-a-kind custom art is sure to bring lots of smiles and heart warming moments.



I harness the power of the latest technology to achieve true artistic textures and techniques that are hard to believe it’s digital. The benefit of having a digital original allows you to create multiple prints and sizes all with original quality.



My vibrant colors translate into a “Rockstar” treatment for your pet.

You know they rock, shouldn’t everyone else?

Color schemes offered in vibrant "Rockstar" or natural coloring.