Dare To Be Stupid

DareStupid (Image available here for purchase)

Last time, I introduced you to one of my "3 Rules for Creating" - Show Up and Work!

Today, let me introduce you to my next rule...

#2 Dare To Be Stupid

Yes my friends, Weird Al Yankovic had it correct back in 1985 when he released a song by this very title. He's been doing stupid for a really long time. With no signs of slowing down. As a matter of fact he's in the height of his career with having nabbed the number one slot for a comedy album on the Billboard charts. Now before you click some other link to leave this page, hear me out...

This rule is about loosing you inhibitions. Every time you sit down to create something, you start hearing "those" voices. You know the ones.

"You can't do it that way. You'll look foolish".

"What on Earth are you thinking? No one is going to {buy, read, watch} that. You'll just prove to others that you really aren't that good and don't have a clue what you are doing."

By adopting Rule number 3, you kick those voices in the teeth and actually do something "stupid" just to spite them. It's not just for stupidity's sake. But it's in doing something stupid that we experience the sense of PLAY. And that my friends, is where the good stuff is.

Last week, I decided to try something stupid. Instead of using a paintbrush, I used a stick. Yes, from my backyard. And I made a video Instagram post of me using it. Stupid. But you know what? It was also freeing and playful. And I really like the results. Results, I might add, that I would never had come upon if I had not dared to be stupid.

What stupidity should you be chasing? Odds are you know. It's that thing that the "voice of reason" is trying to stifle right now.

What are you waiting for? Go for it. You never know what breakthrough might be just beyond stupid. Take Al's advice. Watch his video if you like, then muster up all the stupid you can find and have FUN!

...Get your mojo working now I'll show you how You can dare to be stupid...

...Come on and dare to be stupid It's so easy to do Dare to be stupid We're all waiting for you Let's go...

...You can be a coffee achiever You can sit around the house and watch Leave It To Beaver The future's up to you So what you gonna do...

Dare to be stupid

~ Weird Al Yankovic, "Dare To Be Stupid"


If the 80's style is a bit much for your sensibilities, try this one on for size.