You won’t believe what my dog did!

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I recently posted a question on Facebook, asking what the funniest thing a pet had done. There were a variety of answers, most involving bring back live (or dead) rodents as presents to their owners.


I figured it was time to share my story.  


Several years ago we brought home our second dog, Cooper, from a local Chihuahua rescue. He was adjusting nicely to his new home. One night my wife and I had an evening out, leaving my mom to watch my two young children and two dogs. We left some instructions for my mom about the kids and the dogs, and went on our way.


We arrived home late that evening, had a quick catch up with my mom, and was assured all went well. My wife headed straight to bed and I followed about an hour or so later.


I quietly entered our bedroom as to not disturb my sleeping wife. Fumbling through the dark, I reached my bed, where I carefully turned down the covers, and then my hand made my way to my pillow.


I was surprised when I felt something, so I picked it up thinking it was one of my kids toys. Now, because it was so dark, maybe it was instincts, but I lifted the object that was resting on my pillow towards my face to see what it was. It immediately registered in my brain what it was. I yelled, and dropped the “object”. Yes, it was dog poop. On my pillow. I was sure this was Cooper’s paybacks for us leaving him for the evening.


My wife sat up when I screamed to see what was going on. I quickly disposed of the intruder, stripping my pillow case, and perhaps burning my pillow.


Apparently Cooper had been trained at the rescue to relieve himself on wee wee pads. I guess old habits die hard.


It wasn’t funny at the time, but looking back we can laugh now. I don’t know what’s funnier - the fact that I lifted this turd to my face in the dark, or that my wife fell asleep next to it!


What is the funniest thing your dog has ever done?

Leave me a comment. Can you top my story?