There Are No Shortcuts

The other day I tweeted out "Taking a Shortcut cuts short your opportunity to become who you need to be on the journey." This statement came to me after reflecting on a biblical account in 1 Samuel 24 where David had the opportunity to kill his enemy, King Saul, who had been pursuing him. But David chose to forgo the easy path. The obvious path, and what some people (especially those around him) would have said was the RIGHT path. David knew better. It wasn't the path to becoming who he needed to be. What does this have to do with creating your ART?


Following that, I came across this nugget from James Victore:

Do the work. The process is everything. If you cheat it, you compromise your transformation and come out unchanged - a knucklehead. And if you don't like doing the work the first time, you're gonna hate doing it again. Do the work.

Do the work. Become who you need to be, in the process. Without it, your Art, like your character, will be hollow.