365 Days of Drawings & Paintings

365 ART

April 4, 2013 - April 4, 2014.

At the beginning of 2013, I had this internal prompting that was calling me to create more art. Not the graphic design work that was part of my full-time employment, but rather a getting back to my roots, tactile experience of handling some art supplies that I hadn't interacted with in many, many years.

It started when, on a whim, I took a printmaking class at a local art center. While attending this 3 week course, I was turned onto a book called "The Creative License" by Danny Gregory. Little did I know this would stoke the internal creative fires within, that were dormant for far too long.

I decided to try my hand at 365 days of drawings and painting. Danny Gregory wrote "a five minute drawing is better than none". Somehow these words were liberating. Surely I could manage five minutes.

I was off and running. It was forced and awkward at first. But I leaned in. Rarely missed a day and when i did, i did two to catch up. I kept going. At first, filling pages and pages of my Moleskine sketchbooks, then branching out to individual pieces as my confidence grew.

Early on I decided to post my daily work on Instagram (and later Facebook) as a way of keeping accountable, and even posting the work that was in my opinion, sub par. It wasn't about creating "masterpieces". I wouldn't let that perfectionist voice discourage me from keeping on my journey.

Today, is one year. 365 days of at least one drawing or painting. Beyond the work itself, this journey has changed me. It has given me more confidence in creating and sharing my art. It has helped me identify tools I like to work with, and what my style is. It has challenged me in ways I'm not sure I can really express.

It has awakened a hunger and passion that doesn't show any signs of stopping. I want to keep learning, creating, sharing... What lies ahead? I don't know. But as I keep taking the right next step, It's a step more into being who I was created to be.

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