What are you confessing?

[kuhn-fesh-uhn] noun

1. acknowledgment; admission.

2. acknowledgment or disclosure of sin or sinfulness, especially to a priest to obtain absolution.

3. a formal, usually written, acknowledgment of guilt by a person accused of a crime.

4. a formal profession of belief and acceptance of doctrines.


While I won't be posting anything about crimes I've committed or personal sins (at least not until we know each other better), I will be posting  my artists "confessions" - things I've seen & experienced, things I'm learning or thinking about, and hopefully insights and questions that can create some community for us artists. (Also, I grew up Catholic & have some not so favorable experiences with confessionals. But that's for another time.)


Although You don't have to have any particular "credentials" here, I'm sharing from the place I know - mainly visual arts and my background working within churches. But creativity is creativity no matter how you slice it so pull up a stool and let's chat.
And don't begin with "Bless me Father, for I have sinned..."