Is this really necessary?

pencil_blue To be honest (and I aim to), I've had a love/hate relationship with blogs. I like the idea of starting them (mostly), but over time the love fades. And then it feels more like something I have to do, not want to do. But here's the problem: I really do want to have a forum to express my thoughts & ideas, and would really like to connect with people like you (like-minded artists). And do so in more than 140 characters.

So, I'm launching out again. But this time I'm sticking to what I know & where I live, so to speak. I love art. I love to CREATE. That's my passion. Not just the skills of executing an idea or design but the conceptual thinking - the creative process.

There was a time along the way on this journey where that got lost in the shuffle. Someone asked me what my passion was and at that point I couldn't answer. And it really messed me up. I allowed all these other roles and responsibilities to cloud even my faintest creative endeavors. But that's behind me now. I know who I am. I know what I am (and what I'm not). And I want to connect from that place of authenticity (and maybe even help some along the way through what i've been through).

So to answer my own question - "Is this (site) really necessary?" - yes. For me it is. It's a place to share what I see & how I see it. A place to SHARE. And I'm hoping it's not just me, but you as well. So if you have thoughts, ideas, questions, etc. - let me know. I'd like for this to be a conversation, not a soliloquy (Dost thou protest? Me thinks, not...).

If you're an artist (and I'm assuming if you're this far into things you are) I'd love to connect. Break through that wall of silence (AKA "Lurker mode") and introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do? What would you like to see here?

Go on. I triple-dog-dare-ya.