At the Creative Crossroad

SONY DSC It's a crazy day/week/month/year. Work is super busy. My calendar is exploding. My weekends and evening are booked solid. Everyone wants a piece of me and there's not enough to go around. I just don't have time. Or energy. Maybe once this season, project, or event passes I can do it...

Stop saying you'll create your art once "such and such" passes. It's an excuse. No judgement. We've all been there. But, we need to learn how to create in the middle of life. How do most people meet this challenge? They don't. So they don't create.

You must be able to create in the middle of things, or else you will not create. You must learn to take whatever practical and psychological actions are necessary to combat the anti-creating forces that surround you and live within you. ... There is always profound turbulence within or without — that is life — and it is in the middle of that turbulence that you must create.

What if we could create not in spite of the turbulence but even harnessing it somehow? Now, that might be the kind of authentic art we've been looking for!

Get moving! Get creating. Today.

 {Photo Credit}

Maisel Ph.D., Eric (2005-01-18). Coaching the Artist Within.