Creative Tools

Creativetoolbag I love hearing about new tools to use in my creative endeavors. Perhaps you're the same. Sometimes using a new tool can open up a world of new creative expression. A few people were asking me about what I use to create those illustrations in my art journal. While this is by no means a complete set, the following are some of the tools i'm messing around with currently.

What's in my new creative bag:

1. A set of color Pilot V Razor Points.

2. A no-name pan watercolor set I've had for years (large white one shown) and a Peacock watercolor set that was my sisters from the 80's. (Made by Binney & Smith, turns out to be "vintage")

3. A new Winsor & Newton Cotman pan watercolor travel kit.

4. Giant binder clips to help with holding wet pages down.

5. A set of Staedtler liner pens (0.1 mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm and 0.7mm).

6. Two Moleskine Classic sketchbooks larger & smaller (these are from old days. Not really liking the Moleskine reissues though).

7. A black Sharpie. (always helpful)

8. A cheapo no-name brush.

9. Three waterbrushes - two Niji Large Waterbrush and one Sakura Small Waterbrush

10. Kamset pocket pan watercolor set (no link available)

11. Recollections watercolor pencils (bought from Michael's)

12. Canvas carry case for pencils & misc.

13. Pencil sharpener.

The contents will probably change up (I don't have any graphite pencil sets, charcoal or pastels in here currently) but that is it for now.


Do you have a creative toolkit?

What's in your bag? Share some of your own favorite tools below!