Upward and onward. | art inspired by @kimslovinyoga #yoga #yogi #yogaart #yogaartist #legsupthewall


Look for light in the darkest places | art inspired by @eli.gutierreza #yogi #yoga #yogaart #yogaartist #fitness


Ride into glory. Art inspired by @ambertorrealba @paddymackk @bodyglovegirl @surfbroads @victoriaskimboards @freestylewatches #surfergirl #art #artist #surf #surfer #waves #ocean #artwork #illustratio


iPhone sketch @radiocitymusichall #sketch #digitalart #art #drawing #illustration #illustrator #radiocitymusichall #nyc #urbansketch #urbansketchers #mikebone #mikebrennanart #artwork #draw #artistso


You can't reach it from here. Keep going. | art inspired by @woodspine #yogi #yoga #yogart #yogaartist #fitness #digitalpainting




Do you have any tattoo's? Of what? Where? Would you get them again? Is there a special meaning behind them or was it on a whim? I don't have any tattoos as I'm a whimper, but if I ever did get one, I finally know what it would be. The word "Beloved" - as a reminder of my true identity & how God sees me. Tattoo feet Art inspired by @nelixion.inked.life#art #tattoo #feet #tattoos #artist #ink #digitalart

Something's Sketchy

3431352 If you've been following me for any length of time, you know that I've recently renewed my love for drawing. I've been filling up art journals like crazy and posting my sketches on the web. Part of the challenge is to keep finding interesting subjects to draw, whether from real life or photo reference. That's where you come in...

I want to invite you to be a part of the process. Are you ready?

Here's your chance to pitch something for me to sketch. Between today and September 15th, 2013, I will be accepting photos from you - things you want me to sketch. After all the submissions are in, I will randomly pick a winner and sketch their subject matter. When I finish, I will post it here and on Twitter/Instagram and then will mail the lucky winner the original artwork!

Are you in?

A few rules:

** Open to US only. I'm paying the shipping charges :)
1. You MUST enter a comment below introducing yourself - your name, where you are from, a twitter name / website and why you want to be the lucky winner.
2. Email me (MBsketchme at gmail dot com) ONE image only (must be your own image - no googling images or stealing from others).
3. Image specs: must be a high resolution and clear image. I need to be able to see details!
4. Image content: NO Explicit images! // No landscapes or crowds // Iconic images work best (IE - an object or person, part(s) of a person, animal, plant. machine, etc) Look at my sketches to see the types of things I've done.
5. The final artwork will be my artistic interpretation (I may exercise "artists rights" to crop or colorize, etc.). Ink & Watercolor medium. Final dimensions TBD but will be no bigger than 8.5 x 11.
6. There is nothing legally binding about any of this. It's just pure fun!
You must abide by all rules to have a valid entry! Good Luck!