Show Up And Work

439197_80220216 Over the next week, I'll be sharing "3 Rules for Creating". Rules? Yeah, maybe they are more like guidelines (because rules are meant to be broken right?).

Only 3? Honestly, there's probably more, but let's face it – that's the number that made you land here to read this. That's what we all want - "3 easy steps to..."

And while I'm not "selling" you anything here, I hope these thoughts challenge you where ever you find yourself on this journey. So on to #1...

#1 Show Up And Work

I know. Sounds basic, but you might be surprised how many people, when it gets down to it, really just don't want to work at "it". They want to get paid (well, I might add), get fame and recognition, but all while traveling the path of least resistance.

While I'm all for working smart, there is no substitute or shortcut for putting in the work. That's where the magic happens though. As an artist, that's where you explore, find your voice & style, and grow. Why would you want to short change that process?

I have been told repeatedly that I am so lucky to be able to paint so well. Funniest thing, the more I paint, the luckier I get. ~ Anonymous

If you are going to be an artist who has something to say, and the ability to say it in a skilled way - plain and simple – SHOW UP & WORK! 

It's the ol' one-two-punch. One: SHOW UP. Schedule it. Get out of bed. Go to that specific place. Two: WORK. Sweat. Then sweat some more.

Rinse. Repeat.

No on with it! Dive into your craft!